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Cabin Zen Collective

Pear & Pineapple Refillable Candle

Pear & Pineapple Refillable Candle

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Pear, Pineapple, Sage, and Cantaloupe make a stunning combination! The sweetness of the Pear and Pineapple perfectly complement the freshness of the Sage, while the Cantaloupe adds a juicy and refreshing touch to the mix. Together, they create a harmonious and vibrant blend that brightens up any room.

These vessels are from the Sonoma collection and can be reused or refilled by us for a fraction of the cost. Simply ship the empty candle to Cabin Zen Collective with a scent request, and we'll pour a 10 oz. for $12 and a 4 oz. for $8! (Refer to "How the Candle Refill Service Works" tab on the homepage.)

Notes: Pear, Pineapple,  Sage, Cantaloupe 

*Wood Wicks

10 oz Sonoma Matte Black Vessel features a natural wood lid.  This candle is refillable and reusable. 

Best for: Living Rooms, Kitchens,  Apartments, Offices, and entryways. 

Hand-poured with high-quality fragrance oils and para soy wax. 

*Trimming wicks after each use is essential for candle performance. A wick should be 1/4 inch from the top of the wax. Always pinch off the black portion of the wood wick before burning again. Do not leave candles unattended.

Burn Time: 10 oz - up to 50 hours (variables such as fragrance oils can change a burn time)

4 oz - up to 30 hours

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