We combine the cabin living experience and nature with candles. Bring the Cabin Zen experience into your home today!

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Cabin Zen Collection

An eclectic collection of hand-crafted and small business products that were chosen to pair with your favorite candles and make your cabin cozy!

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Wax Melts

2.5 oz Wax Melts 

Made with high-quality fragrance oils and wax blended into custom scents. The most popular wax melts will become our permanent collection. Our customers drive our products!



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Concrete Copenhagen Bowls

Inspired by our Siberian Husky "Relic", meaning something sacred or sought after, every 13 oz matte black concrete vessel is hand-poured. Each candle's scent profile is just like Relic - warm, gentle, beautiful, and sweet.


    Do you have a favorite scent, but can't seem to find it anywhere? Whether for yourself or your business, custom scents create a unique and enhanced environment.

    Make your custom scent order today!

    (service fee applies)