How to Get a Longer Candle Life

1. Always trim your Wick after use. Whether it be cotton or wood, trimming your Wick could mean the difference between your candle burning too hot (soot around the rim) or burning slow and gentle.

2. Your candle flame should never be one inch or higher. If this happens, blow your candle out, let it set. Trim your Wick! Wood Wicks will have a charred bit after a burn. Simply chip it off with your fingers and light! 

3. Don't power burn! Candles shouldn't burn more than four hours in a setting. Power burning causes high levels of soot and shortens the potential life of your candle.

4. Do not set your candle on heat sources not specified for candles (e.g. hot stoves, wood stoves, or near fire. Fragrance oils have Flashpoints and they can ignite.

5. Use a candle coaster.  Not because you have to but because we supply them and they look cool!