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Cabin Zen Collective

Cabin Zen Baguette Refillable Candle

Cabin Zen Baguette Refillable Candle

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Experience the embodiment of tranquility with our 'Cabin Zen' Signature Scent, a two-pound baguette candle that combines the calming aromas of Palo Santo, Dark Rum, Black Patchouli, and zen notes. The inlays of the candle are carefully crafted to capture the essence of a true cabin zen moment, allowing you to escape to a peaceful retreat with each burn.

Presented in a charming baguette dough bowl, this candle will fill your space with its invigorating scent, no flame required. And when you're ready for a refill, simply return the candle for half the original price!

Baguette Dough Bowls-Waxed 5-6 inches wide 18-20 inches long, 1.5-2.5 inches deep Liquid Volume- 18-24 ounces

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