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 It is said that King Herod was the only man who turned Cleopatra's advances away. As I curated the scent for this candle (knowing full well it veered way off the holiday path) I thought of the time period and had to make it. Everyone who smells this candle loves it because it is unique and intriguing. Tarocco orange has a lighter smell than a traditional orange and acts as a base note along with vanilla and lemon. Musk is the top note that makes this candle truly special.

These vessels are from the Sonoma collection and can be reused or refilled by us for a fraction of the cost. Simply ship the empty candle to Cabin Zen Collective with a scent request and we'll pour it for 10$! Write to and we will begin the refill order! 

Notes: Exotic Musk, Tarocco Orange, Lemon, Vanilla

10 oz Sonoma Smoke Vessel features a black pine lid. This candle is refillable and reusable. 

Best for: Living Rooms, Kitchens,  Apartments, Offices, and entryways. 

Hand-poured with high-quality fragrance oils and para soy wax. Each scent is a custom blend.

*Trimming wicks after each use is essential for candle performance. A wick should be 1/4 inch from the top of the wax. Always pinch off the black portion of the wood wick before burning again. Do not leave candles unattended.

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