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Cinnamon & Cedar Baguette Refillable Candle

Cinnamon & Cedar Baguette Refillable Candle

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The Cinnamon and Cedar baguette candle is a rustic and sophisticated choice for any room in your home. Its captivating scent, crafted from a combination of Cinnamon bark, and Cedar wood, will create a welcoming atmosphere that will be noticed by all. This 2-pound candle is so powerfully fragrant that it will make your home smell amazing even when unlit!

Presented in a charming baguette dough bowl, this candle will fill your space with its invigorating scent, with no flame required. And when you're ready for a refill, return the candle for half the original price!

Baguette Dough Bowls-Waxed 5-6 inches wide 18-20 inches long 1.5-2.5 inches deep Liquid Volume- 18-24 ounces

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